The world of Memory Training has fascinated Dr. Boris Nikolai Konrad for a very long time; as such, he has continuously trained and improved his memory. With his skills, he inspires the worldwide audiences today. As a four-times Guinness World Record Holder for Memory, Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) and well-known expert, he is a guaranteed hit for your event, whether on stage or online.

Remembering 201 names in 15 minutes, or 280 words in the same time. Boris has set numerous world records in memory sports and amazed millions in shows like "The Brain" and "Got Talent" in many countries. He has studied two Masters' degree courses at the same time, with top marks, and speaks five languages. A unique talent? Not at all! Rather, the result of Memory Training, which is accessible to everyone!

For Dr. Boris Nikolai Konrad, memory techniques are much more than just tricks and methods for a sport. The benefits in everyday life and work are enormous, especially in times of digitalization and artificial intelligence. This is the way, he also conducts scientific research into the neuronal basics and applications of memory training and neurotechnology.