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Remembering 201 names in 15 minutes, or 280 words in the same time. Boris has set numerous world records in memory sports and amazed millions in shows like "The Brain" and "Got Talent" in many countries. He has studied two Masters' degree courses at the same time, with top marks, and speaks five languages. A unique talent? Not at all! Rather, the result of Memory Training, which is accessible to everyone!

Memory Training means the use and training of memory techniques! In the last years, playing mental games has often also been promoted as “Memory Training”. While this “brain jogging” (also called “Working Memory Training” in research) is disappointing in many studies, it has rather little to do with the exciting training Boris works with. The use of his memory techniques with appropriate training leads to huge effects and successes!

The nice thing about it is that the techniques can be applied to almost anything you want to learn and are very useful in everyday life, including at school, university and at work. Therefore, you are trained in something that is worthwhile instead of playing games that may be fun, but have no meaning.

Dr. Boris Nikolai Konrad won the disciplines "names and faces", "random words" and the overall team ranking at the World Memory Championships, an annual event, several times. As a brain researcher, he researches how memory techniques work in the brain and as a memory trainer, he makes his unique experiences and methods available worldwide. You can enjoy Boris´content through his books, his keynote speaking, his seminars or in his highly acclaimed online course: Memory training with a World Record Holder.

Take a look around this website; Boris will be happy to introduce you to the best memory techniques that suit your needs.





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