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How can grey cells develop memory? Why do we forget something important, but keep the biggest nonsense? Why do elderly people remember precisely what was so long ago - but not yesterday? Can regular memory training prevent the risk of Alzheimer's disease? And why does a nerve cell have a preference for Thomas Gottschalk? Dr. Boris Nikolai Konrad answers all these questions and many more in this lecture, "Germany's Super Brain", which is at the same time a science (science) show, high-quality entertainment and extremely useful.

Marvel at the memory achievement of the speaker, who has been one of the absolute world leaders in memory sports for almost 15 years. Laugh about the funny peculiarities of our brain, which the doctorate brain researcher uncovers and explains. Learn how our brain remembers, how you can make better use of your brain by understanding how it works and which methods enable us to use it optimally - as it is intended. Even more: After this evening, the participants will be able to discover for themselves: a good memory can be learned!

Permanent guests in television shows, top places and victories in science slams, sold-out houses at book presentations, readings, and even their personal fan club in China. Dr. Boris Nikolai Konrad stands like no other for the entertaining mediation of the function mode of brain and memory. Inspire your guests with the science show of the brain researcher, which is entertainment and lecture at the same time.


  • Memory demonstration of the multiple Guinness world record holder
  • Get to know your brain better
  • How grey cells become memory
  • Why our memory sometimes doesn't want to like us
  • What we can learn from brain research
  • The most useful memory methods in the world

Length: Recommended for lectures of 30 to 90 minutes. Also available as a seminar or workshop. For virtual memory training you can subscribe for the online cours "Superbrain! Memory Training with Dr. Boris Nikolai Konrad".


On request, a keynote by Boris can be followed by a subsequent panel discussion or question and answer session. It is also possible to book it in connection with an event moderation by Boris. Besides the classic keynote – such as TED-style talk, breakout, dinner speech, incentive or networking events – this speech is also suitable for other formats.

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