Memory training with the Memory World Record Holder

Those who can easily memorize any number of names and facts, keep data and definitions in mind, present them freely and lead conversations and workshops out of their heads, have a clear advantage in professional life! Dr. Boris Nikolai Konrad is not only a memory World record holder and memory researcher, but also a top memory coach with his sought-after keynote speeches in English, German, and Dutch and proves that everyone can learn these techniques in a very short period of time.

His impulse lecture – "Superbrain! Memory training with the World Record Holder" – is a guaranteed success for every audience. Whether trainee or CEO, young or old, everyone benefits from a good memory.  An event with the TV-known memory expert fills halls. Already tens of thousands of people have been amazed by his talents. Marvel at Dr. Konrad's almost unbelievable memory, which he demonstrated at the beginning of his lecture. Moreover, be just as amazed at your performance when Boris teaches you his tricks, and you can already remember more during the lecture than you would ever have thought possible!

"Germany's Superbrain" (ZDF) gives an overview of the variety of memory techniques, always with concrete application in mind. In the humorous lecture, you playfully learn with many interactive examples, how you can improve your memory with creativity and phantasy. Raise your memory substantially and in the future, remember almost any name, data, or whole lecture script you want. This keynote stimulates your audience and motivates to get busy with memory yourself and to do the practice, which is necessary. Each participant will experience immediate success!

Let yourself, your employees, customers, or colleagues be inspired, surprised and motivated when Boris Nikolai Konrad invites you to re-explore your memory.


  • Memory demonstration of the 4x Guinness World Record holder for memory
  • The secrets of memory
  • The best memory techniques
  • The method of loci - to remember lists or whole lectures
  • Memorize numbers - for numbers, data, and facts
  • Remember Names – Any and every name!

Length of lecture:
Recommended from 30 to 120 minutes. Also available as a seminar or workshop. For virtual memory training you can subscribe for the online cours "Superbrain! Memory Training with Dr. Boris Nikolai Konrad".


On request, a keynote by Boris can be followed by a subsequent panel discussion or question and answer session. It is also possible to book it in connection with an event moderation by Boris. Besides the classic keynote – such as TED-style talk, breakout, dinner speech, incentive or networking events – this speech is also suitable for other formats. 


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