Seminars / workshops

Learning can be learned! In his seminars, Boris Nikolai Konrad demonstrates the various methods of memory training using practical examples from work and everyday life, e.g. memorizing names. Already during the seminar his participants reach memory achievements about which they could only marvel before.

The seminars focus on exercises that are relevant for the respective audience. Your participants learn to apply the methods themselves and to transfer them to their concrete applications. If the seminar is a component of a further training series or module in a comprehensive seminar program, then the training is aligned in such a way. Naturally, a large portion of fun and pleasure belongs to the program: Only if creativity and imagination are used, the memory is at its best.


Seminar choices

Open seminars

In one of our open day seminars "Superbrain" you have the opportunity to learn the basics of memory training. With a maximum number of 12-17 people (depending on the location), a good attention is guaranteed for each participant. The participation costs only 390,- Euro per person, incl. VAT, lunch, drinks, and seminar documentary (Zurich 550,- CHF).

More information on the content

Dates 2021

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Open seminar at your place?!

If booking a closed group seminar is out of the question only for you for financial or organizational reasons, why don't we organize an open seminar together? If you guarantee at least five paying participants, we will find an appointment together at your location. The seminar will then be advertised by us as an additional open seminar and, you will be involved in the recruitment process. The content then corresponds to the aforementioned open seminar, an adaptation especially for your needs is not possible here for obvious reasons. Are you interested? Please contact us!

Closed group seminars - The perfect choice for every group eager to learn

Seminars with the memory trainer Boris Nikolai Konrad are not only popular in the context of company-internal further training, but are also used as incentive and motivational events for employees, as well as in the context of employee recruitment and student recruitment. After all, who has the opportunity to train with a TV-known world champion?! 

Always interactive, always hands-on

In contrast to keynote lectures that above all set impulses, provide ideas, motivate and stimulate, a seminar focuses on practical learning and one's own practice. Therefore, normally at least one complete seminar day should be scheduled. Depending on requirements, a length of between one and three days can be useful. In modules of one to two hours in length, individual elements such as remembering names and faces or free presentation without notes can be particularly brought into focus. We will be happy to tailor the exact content of each seminar to your specific needs. 

For sustainability, we are happy to offer you support in the form of video follow-up content and exercise, such as an online course, follow-up webinars or video coaching. 

Boris Nikolai Konrad lived and worked in England and the Netherlands for a while. He offers his seminars in German, English, and Dutch.

Please get in touch with us so that we can discuss the best way of working for your company and your participants.

Seminars offered

  • Superbrain! Memory training in everyday life and at work
  • Memory training for executives: Presenting freely, knowing people, achieving the optimum in a short period of time
  • Remembering names - the seminar for your sales team and all those with a lot of customer contact
  • Learning in education and training - learning success in all settings (also suitable for trainees and students)


  • Boris offers individual coaching for special purpose (e.g. memorizing names, speaking freely, optimizing part-time studies, etc.) for executives, board members and highly committed individuals.