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"Thank you for the rousing presentation last week at the B2B Marketing Congress in Vienna. I haven't heard such a good speech in a long time. My compliments!"

Heike Dietz-Schedelbeck / Bürklin GmbH & Co. KG, Oberhaching / Head of Marketing Communication



Boris fascinated our 300 guests and me from the first to the last minute. At first you are speechless about the abilities of the master brain until you realize later with Boris' skillful leadership that you can remember much more than we dare. The combination of science and technology is ingenious and unforgettable. Together with the book 'Alles nur in meinem Kopf. The secrets of our brain' is the most lasting lecture I have experienced in recent years."

Daniel Pfanner / Bank EEK AG / Vorsitzender der Geschäftsleitung


"With a lot of wit and with the involvement of his listeners, he made the arch from memory sports to the functioning of the brain to artificial intelligence."

Focus (German magazine)

Stadt Frankfurt

"I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere thanks for the wonderful evening seminar with Mr. Konrad. He not only managed to cast a spell over all the participants, so that the three hours on Friday evening passed like a flash, but also gave me the necessary tools to improve my memory. [...] Scientifically founded he explains the brain functions and achieves the 'Eureka effect', why by means of pictures and paths a substantially better learning result can be obtained. Rating for this seminar: 'Must-have' - book it! now!"

Claudia Gabriel / Stadt Frankfurt am Main / Leitung Projektmanagement

Albert Braun GmbH

"The best mark of all evaluation points proves: Our participants were way more than just satisfied with Dr. Konrad's presentation."

Frank Gisdol / Albrecht Braun GmbH / Marketingleiter



"Thank you once again for your inspiring lectures at our events in Osnabrück and Frankfurt! The entertaining presentation, but above all the scientific cross-references, fit perfectly here. See you soon and good luck!"

Dr. Wolfgang-Moritz Heupel / Novartis Pharma GmbH / Brand Manager Neuroscience


"Boris Nikolai Konrad was a real winner for our event with his interactive lecture. What was remarkable was the realization that Dr. Konrad reached all the guests, regardless of their industry or age".

Rainer Janz / Hermann Bantleon GmbH / Bereichsleiter Produkt- und Qualitätsmanagement

FAMO GmbH & Co. KG

 "Charming and humorous, Dr. Boris Nikolai Konrad presents the fascinating findings of the latest brain research in relation to artificial intelligence to his audience. Entertaining, full of fun and always on-point, Dr. Konrad was a dynamic and up-to-date speaker, who ideally rounded off our event".

Lutz Pfeiffer / FAMO GmbH & Co. KG / Leiter Marketing


"Dr. Konrad's lively presentation on brain research in relation to Diversity & Innovation at our "Diversity Ignites Innovation" event was remarkable! His individual tips for effective memory training in the afternoon workshop were as well. Whether the ten largest cities in Europe or the last ten presidents, thanks to his ingenious "imprinting aids" our participants were able to memorize them in a flash. We thank him for the inspiring and exciting input and will certainly remember his tips for a long time!"

Sonja Thonfeld / Accenture / Marketing & Communication

Experten Service Point GmbH

Sensational! Days later we still had the mnemonics in mind and could (among other things) recite the biggest cities of Europe in the right order! And now we embrace further help from Dr. Konrad. Exciting memory training paired with interesting facts from the depths of our brain, loosely and amusingly presented - hats off, Dr. Konrad, we had a huge amount of fun."

Kai Feige / Experten Service Point GmbH / Chief Executive Officer


"Boris Konrad's speech activated us from the very first minute and was very exciting. The tips for remembering names were super helpful and can be implemented with a little practice. The participants were very enthusiastic about the entertaining and instructive event".

Noldi Odermatt / Aceon AG / Geschäftsführer

Marketing-Club Augsburg

Our keynote speaker Boris Nikolai Konrad was able to convey the complex topic of memory training in a playful and easy way. The enthusiasm was clearly felt by young and old. Thank you for the outstanding event".

Florian Möckel
Marketing-Club Augsburg

DHBW Mosbach

We had invited the memory trainer Boris Konrad to our event. The lecture was exciting! We were amazed by the memory skills of Mr. Konrad. The speed with which he was able to memorize arbitrarily named terms and numbers inspired us all. A little more training in this direction will certainly not hurt! In short, it was a great evening and judging by the feedback, all participants were thrilled."

DHBW Mosbach


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