Keynote speaker

The world of Memory Training has fascinated Dr. Boris Nikolai Konrad for a very long time; as such, he has continuously trained and improved his memory. With skills gained through this medium, he inspires the worldwide audiences today. As a scientist, he investigates the neuronal basics of memory training, the effects of modern technology on our brain and the benefits of memory techniques.

It is much more important to him to show other people what they are capable of than to stand out himself through impressive performances because in general, people can perform incredible memory tasks within the shortest time! Everyone should know how technology changes our thinking and what exciting findings the contemporary brain research produces.

That is why Boris has been a keynote speaker not only in Germany but also internationally for many years. He  shows his listeners, through innovative and captivating lectures, how they can train their memory sustainably and make neuroscience understandable. Companies that book him can look forward to an interactive and entertaining speech on which their guests will talk about afterwards!

Known throughout numerous television programs and through his Bestsellers, Boris also fills your rooms!

Keynote Speech

From 20 minutes, in the style of a TED Talk to a classical lecture of 60 minutes or a multipart dinner speech between starter and main course - Boris Nikolai Konrad fulfills your desired format. He will be happy to discuss the contents that are important for your audience beforehand.

In his lectures, the renowned memory trainer shows how impressive memory performance can be. From the very first beginning where Boris demonstrates one of his performances as an introduction into Memory Training and, for example, greets all of your guests by their names (of course without notes!) – the audience is already astonished and captivated by him. But it does not stop there: His listeners are repeatedly amazed about how much their memory has already improved during his presentation!

Boris explains the various advantages and possibilities of Mnemonics, but always focuses on practical application.

His further topics are Artificial Intelligence or ‘How we are going to think in the future’. In either case, an interactive world-class speech with a lot of humour which always conveys well-founded content as well as clear messages between laughter and enthusiasm is awaiting you. Being skilled to present on stage and online, Boris meets your needs.

Booking Boris as your Keynote Speaker 

Boris Nikolai Konrad offers his service in English, as well as in German and Dutch. You can book a Keynote Speech by Boris as a highlight at your customer events or incentives, as a relaxation between content-heavy lectures for an academic conference or as an introductory speaker / ice-breaker at your networking event. Of course, the lecture will be individually tailored to your company or organization. Alternatively, you can also lear more about memory training in Workshops/Seminars or virtually in his online course

The different lectures about Memory Training, memorizing names, Artificial Intelligence and thinking of the future are very versatile and fit to many events. Who does not profit from a great memory and the knowledge of how technology changes our brain?

If you are interested in booking Boris Nikolai Konrad as a keynote speaker, please contact us so that we can discuss the optimal use for your audience and your event together! Please write to us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call his management at Global Top Speakers via +49 (0)9071 770 35-0. 


Remote Speaking / Virtual Speaking / Hybrid Events

2020 was special year. Due to the Corona crisis, many events could not and still cannot take place as planned. But customer loyalty, training and cooperation remain at least as important. To be successful after the strict measures have been taken back, it is essential to take the employees with you, keep the customers and share knowledge. A professional speaker is an enormous advantage here: While many zoom conferences and online conversations in companies still tend to bore, and the participants are only spectators, an experienced speaker can inspire people via the screen just as much as in person. Dr. Boris Nikolai Konrad is a graduated computer scientist and has been technologically trained for many years.

He also has professional equipment in his home office to share his content online, inspiringly. Whether it is a virtual conference, a hybrid event with a small audience on site and many connected guests worldwide or an exciting webinar, Dr. Boris Nikolai Konrad guarantees enthusiasm and interaction, combines scientifically founded content and the best entertainment for your online event.


Videos? Of course!

We are happy to send you the video clips or recordings of lectures and keynotes by Dr. Boris Nikolai Konrad. Feel free to contact us right away to receive suitable examples!